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Valentino Rossi

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     Valentino Rossi (born in Urbino, Italy February 16, 1979, age 37 years) is a motorcycle rider in the world championship grandprix after the era Michael Doohan, with the title of world champion in four different classes are achieved within seven years of his career. He is one of the most successful driver of all time, with seven world title in the top class (500cc / MotoGP) and two titles in 250cc and 125cc. According to the magazine sports publications American, Sports Ilustrated, Rossi is one of the sportsmen salaried The duunia, he estimated paid $ 34 million in 2007. The son of former racer GP 250 cc Graziano Rossi and Stefania Palma holds many records and accomplishments he achieved surpassed many senior. Total racer eccentric posted nine world titles, once in the 125cc class in 1997, once in 250cc (1999), and the seven-time world champion in the top class of 500cc / MotoGP (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009).
     Rossi was born to be a racer, he grew environment that is very supportive of his career. His father, Graziano Rossi is a great rider the days of the '70s. Automatic environment he grew a thick atmosphere of racing. When children age preoccupied with his toys, Rossi played with a real racing bike in the middle of the paddock famous drivers Luca Cadalora or Loris Reggiani. He was a true Interisti
Hasil gambar untuk valentino rossi

In the course of his racing rossi, often changed the nickname and do the things that attract attention and entertain. He reasoned that it was done starting with the intention of having fun and doing something funny.
  • Rossifumi nickname Rossi created by his friend when Rossi racing in the 125cc class this nickname was created because Rossi was amazed by the Japanese rider is typical with long hair, Norick Abe, who was only 17 years old and with persistent fight with Michael Doohan and Kevin Scwantz class 500cc, because the original name of the Japanese driver Norifumi Abe then dubbed Rossifumi.Tahun 2004 Rossi Rossi and Abe equally defend Yamaha are in different teams but the graphics, which is the dominant color in the team biru.Rossi Gauloises Fortuna Yamaha team while Abe is ruled by the Fortuna Gauloises Tech 3 Yamaha Team.
  • Valentinik nickname is derived from a cartoon character Daffy Duck who becomes a superhero in Italy named Paperinik. The nickname was wearing at the time of the race in the 250cc class.
  • The Doctor After going up to the 500cc class in the 2000 season Rossi dubbed himself with The Doctor for the race in the 500cc class takes seriousness and he felt himself no longer a child, but that he also liked the idea as a illmuwan crazy and doing experiments crazy, he deems fit to wear the nickname was after getting his accomplishments as a world champion. "In 500cc racing we do not need a superhero. What we need just a cool, calm, and thinkers such as doctors, "he said. In addition, the name of Valentino in Italy is mostly used by the doctors. He also began to reduce the victory celebration that he considered unworthy he is already doing. "Simply by waving like other drivers, and night-out party with my friends."
Hasil gambar untuk valentino rossi

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