Senin, 09 Januari 2017

My Boring Holiday

     In my  last holiday, i did nothing just do my holiday at home with my family, my laptop, my phone. And sometime i went with friend to anyplace, we hangout at cafe's in bandung or went to mall. If i was at home i just sleep, eat, playing game, sutck with my phone, take a bath, and sometime i read a book. But if i with my friend we can spend a time full 1 day with my friend for talking, tell them story, do a joke and manymore.

     I went to jendela alam with my family, in jendela alam so many animal and plant. We break bread at gazebo big enough, we laughing together and we back went to grandma's home.

     If i went with my friend we hangout to anywhere anyplace, we enjoy teenager lifestyle hehe :D.

This is my holiday, so boring right?

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