Senin, 19 September 2016

It's ME


            Hello, my name is Aqiila Syafiq Dhiyaa Patria. I was born in Bandung 12 Januari 2002, and now I live in Bandung at Taman Rahayu 3 B4/7 Cigondewah Hilir. I wanna tell you about myself.
            First I wanna tell about my hobby, and my hobby is playing game, something about otomotif, playing  guitar, and sport activity. But, I like photography sometime, if I have a good mood hehe.
            Next I wanna tell you about my education, my elementary school is Assallam for 6 years, next my junior highschool is SMP Negeri 7 Bandung, and now I’m learn at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. I’m so proud to myself because I can learn at the favourite school in Indonesia.
            Now I’m wanna tell you about my little activity, first at Monday, I go to school and then I go to GO (Ganesha Operation) there is my second school or extra lesson in Indonesia is BimBel (Bimbingan Belajar) and then I go to my sweet home. Tuesday, same with Monday but, I’m not go to GO, because there is Lintas Minat at my school. Wednesday, I go to school again, but I do Lintas Minat and go to GO after I’m finished my Lintas Minat. Thursday, I school again, but after school I’m free, therefore, I can play with my friend. Friday, I school too,but after school I do Friday Prayers for me and other moeslim people, after that I must do a MTPAI (MenToring Pendidikan Agama Islam). In Saturday, I go to Lapangan Bali to carry out activities, after that I do extracurricular. Sunday, I free or Family time.

            And that’s my little personality, sorry for my bad English. And I’ll do more to improve the way my English, Thankyou.

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