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     On September 10th 2016, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung held a big event called "Megantara", megantara is an annual event held by the SMA Negeri 3 Bandung that theme or type of culture in Indonesia. The event held with attraction, parade, games, fashion, exhibiton, cullinary, and many more under the theme culture of Indonesia. The event held at Lapangan Bali that was in the bali street number 8, Bandung.

     First, we, the committee gathered at 6 am on the spot, once assembled, we prepared a place for the event by the decor that was created by the division of the decoration committee. By the time we all finished decorating and set the stage were great and magnificent, we were preparing to hold a joint parade of children aged 4-5 years and students of SMAN 3 Bandung. We walked through the bali street move to the belitung street, then we go to sumatera street, move to merdeka street and entrance to the nias street, and move to the jawa street until we get back to the bali street again.

    After the parade, we are getting ready to open the gate at 11:35 hours. Finally, the guests were coming, we started the show. Until we close the gate at 15:30, we start at the top. we invite a lot of guest stars and a show with nice, we even invited two famous guest stars namely The Changcuters and RAN. We put The Changcuters in the schedule of events at 18:00 hours, at the time of The Changcuters performed, the audience lost in the atmosphere of the songs performed by The Changcuters, we were jumping for music sung by The Changcuters very exciting. After The Changcuters we unmute other guest stars. Until the time of 20:00 hours, the NAP also appear, they are specialists teenage love-themed songs of this period, and not only that, the personnel make the girls more comfortable with the RAN, hahaha they are good at to make the girls become "baper" hahaha.

     Finally Megantara event finishes at 9 pm, the committee happy because the show was successfully held, and after all the audience had gone home, the committee gathered once again to evaluate the activity. Finally Megantara completed with great success thanks to the cooperation of the committee and all concerned with the event Megantara. And that's the story from me about Megantara, I hope you enjoyed reading, thanks.

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