Senin, 19 September 2016

WTTF (World Tournament Techno Festival)

World Tournament and Techno Festival

            On 20 August 2016, my school SMA Negeri 3 Bandung held an event called WTTF (World Tournament and Techno Festival). In the event that we do all these activities with the terms, if you want to communicate you must speak English. The event was more like playing and we traveling around the city. The game is we have to go through each post that has been provided, but each post is the distance is quite far away and we must walking, we can’t use transportation. There are more than 5 post with technology to pass on, it was very exciting, each post make a very exciting game.
            We are divided into several teams and teams were divided according to his or him class, my team is X MIPA 9. We’re executing the event was eagerly in the beginning of the event, we passed each post not with seriousness, we passed each post with kidding and many laugh. Until 12 o’clock already began we need a food because we’re starting to feel hungry and tired. We are allowed by committee to rest and buy some food around to eat. After that, we go back a few post left. With energy we have left, we can finish that assignments given by the event.
            The event is giving a lot of knowledge, From the start how do we communicate with English, how to laugh with friends, share happiness, establish solidarity with one class, and many more.

            And that’s my story about World Tournament and Tecno Festival, Thank’s for your time to read my story, Thank you.

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